International Study Program
Winter Term 2019/2020

The „International Study Program“ at Faculty III of the Hochschule Hannover (HsH) University of Applied Sciences and Arts was specifically created for our international students. All courses and lectures are taught in English. Some of them are new and drafted with special attention to the needs of incoming students from our partner universities. You are free to choose courses from all categories. You will also have the possibility to participate in courses or projects that will be held in German. Please note that changes and improvements might occur.

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hanover accepts no liability for the currency, accuracy or completeness of the information.

More information about the application.
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Production Tendencies (MTV) 3 CP

International Media Systems (MTV) 2 CP

Experimental Film (ÜL) 3 CP

Cinematic Design and Visual Perception (BSKE) 4 CP

Bookbinding (ÜL) 3 CP

Basics in Screenprinting (ÜL) 3 CP

Screenprinting advanced (ÜL) 6 CP

Typography / Layout(ISP) 3 CP

Editorial Design (ISP) 3 CP

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Strategies for Sustainable Design (BMO) 6 CP

Rendering Products (Manual) (BPD) 3 CP

Painting (BSKE) 3 CP

Drawing (BSKE) 3 CP

Life Drawing (ÜL) 3 CP

Animation (Manual) (ÜL) 3 CP

Modelling / Prototyping (ISP) 3 CP

Next Materials (ISP) 2-3 CP

Artist Book, Excursions (ÜL) 2 CP

Practical Basics, 2D Design (ÜL) 2-4 CP


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Foundations of Mathematics (BIM) 3 CP

Introduction to Statistics (BIM) 3 CP

Basics in Mathematics (BIM) 3 CP

Wirtschaft & Management (BPR) 9 CP

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Basics in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography (BFO) 3 CP

International Communication (BJO) 2 CP

Portrait (Photo) (ÜL) 3 CP

Input / Output  (mid. International Blogging & Excursions) 6 CP

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Cross over
(Culture and Management)

German Language 3 CP

Culture Competences AMD 3 CP

Study Camp 3 CP

Academic Research 3 CP

Presentation Techniques 3 CP

Entrepreneurship 4 CP

Design Thinking 6 CP

Intercultural Management Training (ICM) 6 CP