PLATZprojekt e.V.

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On a very sunny afternoon last week we visited PlatzProject. We had no idea what the project was before we visited so it was really interesting looking around the space that they had and the projects that go on there. Like Hafven it is a space for creatives but unlike Hafven, it is far more organic and has been built up by people who had a big vision for the space but not a big budget. There were many upcycled shipping containers that had been turned into businesses, such as a shop that made new bikes out of old ones and an escape room game. It was amazing to see a space that had literally been built up from the ground with very little budget and had become such a great space for people to come together and work on projects.


Ellen Forsyth | Gray's School of Art, RGU, Aberdeen | Communication Design

LivingEsther-Marie Kroeger