The Girls from Gray's


Back in Aberdeen it’s such a small town. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone is connected in some way or another. I vaguely knew the other girls coming to Hannover from my university but had never really spoken to them properly outside of uni. I was excited but slightly nervous about ‘meeting’ them for the first time. The first day we had at the Hochschule Hannover was a welcome day, which was not only good to meet the people from other universities, but it was also nice to have a chat with the girls to get to know each other better. Over the next few weeks we went on a few nights out, had dinner together and went on the excursions with the other Erasmus students. 

As the weeks went on we all became more and more thankful that there was a small group of us from Aberdeen to stick together and help each other out if any problems ever arose. I really appreciated having people from Scotland around me as it was a little bit of home while living and studying in Germany, surrounded by so many foreign languages. 

When I was applying for Erasmus, I never really thought about wanting to go away with people from my own university but having the five of us from Gray’s here has really enriched my experience and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Not only have I made new friends from all over Europe but also from my hometown, which is something that I think is just as, if not even more special because I will always only be a bus journey away from a good laugh and some great company.

Ellen Forsyth | Gray's School of Art, RGU, Aberdeen | Communication Design

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