I would argue that Berlin's special style and flare has become a popular export. Berlin has a long tradition of being a creative, reinventive capital hub. People here like to remind the world that the capital city was once a cultural hotspot and a liberal, free city in the 1920's 

After numerous Flixbuses back and forth to the dynamtic city I have collected a few of my favourite places and memories.

Berlin is a leading city for it's sustainable fashion trends and brands. During an excursion trip I visited a particular store in Berlin - Homage. The main idea behind Homage is restoring old/unwanted products. Homage is a must for ethical fashion lovers and everyone is eager to talk to you about their backgrounds and concepts.

The latest hotspot in Berlin is the Klunkerkranich bar, perfect for watching the sunset over Berlin's rooftops. Klunkerkranich is an improvised open air bar located on at the top of a shopping centre. Made up of wooden pallets and plant pots Klunkerkranich has a very relaxed chilled vibe much like the rest of Berlin.

And of course Berlin is nutorious for it's buzzing techno and electro scene. and those looking to have fun in the german captial should definetly check out the city's most popular venues from Berghain, KitKatClub, Tresor, Watergate and club der Visionaere only naming a few. Whoever you are, young or old, rich or poor you will not be out of place amongt the vibrant night life.  Having explored a few pubs and clubs it all depends on what you like, Tresor is one of Berlin's clubs I enjoyed the most.


Kara Gill

Robert Gordon University



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