Childrentable, the first project


This is my first project in HsH. They are a company from Cologne. Our theme is a height-adjustable children's table. I was very excited when I started to get this theme, because furniture is a design point which  I prefer but at the beginning it was not as easy as I expected. As a student of the third semester, I have not encountered many technical problems, especially the connection of the desk and the legs, the materials used, and so on. But fortunately, meeting with the professor always solves some problems. Before we made the report, many of our classmates stayed at school until 12 o’clock almost every day. We just not satisfied about the view or the color. Because this report was made at the biggest examination hall, although it was not open, we all attached great importance to it. Everyone was very nervous. Fortunately, the report did very well. The company's people were very satisfied. When we were finished, we were really relieved.



Tong Pan, Zust China, Product Design, Hang Zhou