Life in Hannover


Buildings and Christmas in Hannover

From March 2017 until the end of January 2018, this is my first time as an international exchange student from Japan to Germany Hannover University of Applied Science of communication and learning, I started a new life in Hannover. I had my bachelor in a Chinese university. After graduating in 2011, I began to study in Japan, and I have been studying in Japan for 6 years. I completed my master's course at Hiroshima City University in Japan, and then went to the Hiroshima City University for a doctoral degree. Last year, as an international exchange student at Hiroshima City University in Japan, I came to the University of Applied Science and technology in Hannover. I am very grateful to the school and teachers to give me this opportunity. I knew a lot of new teachers and friends here. Hannover is a very beautiful city, the city is very quiet, the traffic is very convenient, the whole city is a bit like the Hiroshima in Japan. The size of the city of Hannover is almost the same as that of Hiroshima. In every city in Japan, there are famous castle with the name of the city. Hiroshima has a long history of Hiroshima castle. It represents the theme building of Hiroshima. There are many famous buildings in every city in Germany. Hannover has a long history of "Castle" and "church". These buildings are beautiful.  

This was the first time I had a happy Christmas in Hannover, Germany .I feel a different atmosphere from Japan. Christmas in Germany is very beautiful.





Shuangbin Wei